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Joseph Jonathan Baker

The Soccer Superstar

 For my little brother, from


You're MY favorite soccer star!


     Today was the day! Joseph Jonathan Baker, age 5, from Neenah, Wisconsin, still couldn’t believe he had been lucky enough to win the big soccer sweepstakes. The grand prize had been tickets to watch his favorite team, the Neenah Spartans at the stadium.


     Joey was especially excited because as the big winner he was going to get to sit on the bench with his big brother, Doug! Also, Joey could take David and Missy to the game , too.

     Once inside the stadium, Joey, David and Missy were ushered to the Neenah Spartans locker room.

     “Joey, you’ve been such a big fan of ours that we’d like to make you an honorary member of the Neenah Spartans,” the coach said. “Here’s your very own uniform.”

     The coach then turned to the players. “Okay everybody, let’s win this one for

     The team all cheered and ran out to the field.

     Joey, David and Missy hurried to their seats on the bench. They didn’t want to miss the opening kick off.

     As they sat down, the referee tossed the coin. The Neenah Spartans won the coin toss, and decided that they would kick off.

     The ball was kicked into play. The players dribbled the ball down the field.

     “Go team!” yelled

Joeywatched excitedly as the ball went up and down the field. His team kept making runs at the goal but hadn’t been able to score yet. The opposing team was the Menasha Tigers and they had already scored once.

Joeyheard a whistle. One of the Neenah Spartans had been fouled by the other team and was lying on the ground clutching his leg.

     With all the excitement on the field, no one noticed that the ball was zooming through the air right towards
Joey. What could he do? Thinking fast, Joey gave the ball a mighty kick. Up, up in the air the ball went.

     That was quite a kick.” The coach said to
Joey. “We have an injured player and the team needs a player to kick the free kick. Have you ever kicked a free kick before, Joey?”

     “Sure! I love playing Soccer! I know I can score on the free kick for you,”
Joey said.

     Joey could not believe his good luck. He was actually going to get a chance to help the Neenah Spartans win the game!

     His big brother Doug walked up and said, “Glad you are going to try our free kick, Joey. We know you can score.”

     Joey lined up in front of the goal to kick the ball.

     The coach yelled, “I know you can do it, Joey.”

     Joey looked at the soccerball lying on the field. With all of his might, he kicked the ball straight at the goal.

     The goalie from the Menasha Tigers jumped towards the ball as it flew through the air. The soccerball sailed by the goalie’s hands and into the net.

     Now the score was tied, but Joey wanted the Neenah Spartans to win.

     Joey used all his soccer skills. He dribbled the ball down the field.  He trapped the ball with the top of his foot.  He even used his head to pass.

     “Way to go Joey,” yelled the coach from the sidelines. “That was a great header!”

     Joey kept looking for the shot but hadn’t scored another goal. There was less than a minute left in the game and Joey was getting tired, but he couldn’t disappoint his team.

     The ball came towards Joey but he was far from the goal. Suddenly, he saw an opening.

     “Do I really have the shot?” wondered Joey.

     There was only one way to find out. Joey used all his strength and tried a long kick. The crowd grew silent as the ball flashed through the air. The ball hit the edge of the goal for just a second, then bounced into the net. Score!

Joey had scored the winning goal! The Neenah Spartans had won the game! The crowd started chanting, “Joey, Joey!” The other players hoisted Joey above their shoulders and marched him around the field.

     “This has been the best day of my life,” Joey said to David and Missy.

     As the coach handed Joey the Most Valuable Player trophy, he said, “Joey, you can play on our team any day. You’re a real soccer superstar!”

~ ~ ~

Joseph Jonathan Baker

Enjoy this book!


A Special Gift from

your big brother, Doug


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