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Personalized Letter from Santa

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Santa will begin sending his letters out around December 1.  If you would like yours sent

closer to Christmas, please state that in the comments section at checkout.  Thanks!


Dear Jonathan Davis,


The elves and I have been very busy, but I really wanted to

write to you. I checked my list twice and saw that you've been

a very good boy this year.  Because you've been good, I'm

bringing you a very special present!  I've also been keeping an eye on Mommy, Daddy, Jennifer and Spot.


Jon, please leave out some milk and cookies for me on Christmas Eve. I get really hungry by the time I get to Appleton, Wisconsin.  Keep up the  good work and have a Merry Christmas.


The highlighted text in red is where the child's name, friends, relatives (or pets), city and state will go.  Santa begins mailing out his letters on December 1. 

They are sent by First Class mail in a special envelope, hand-addressed to each child.   

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