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Little Mermaid



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Heather Nicole Peterson

and The Little Mermaid

 Happy 4th Birthday!  from

ABC Daycare

November 6, 2015


     One sunny day, Heather Nicole Peterson,

age 4, of Seattle, Washington, was visiting the

ocean with Brittany, Travis, and Carli. 


     Heather was in the shallow water

collecting colorful seashells.  As she reached

for a bright pink shell, someone tapped her

on the shoulder.  It was a beautiful



     I’m very unhappy,” wept the mermaid.

“My daddy, the king if the sea, has been

captured by the evil sea serpent, Electra!  I

don’t know what to do.”


     So Heather said, “Please do not cry.  I

know how to rescue your daddy.  Do you

have any friends who can help us?” 


     The little mermaid replied. “Yes, I have

many friends who would love to help.”


     Heather and the little mermaid swam

toward the evil serpent’s den.  Along the

way they met two playful dolphins. 


     “We are Splish and Splash.  Would you

like to play with us?” asked the giggling



     Heather told them, “We have no time to

play.  We must rescue the king of the sea. 

Come and help us!” 


     Heather and her underwater friends

swam a long way through the beautiful blue

sea.  Many sea animals wanted to help. 

There were graceful sea horses, countless

starfish and a whole school of parrot fish. 

Everyone was eager to help save the king. 

Heather and her friends swam closer and

closer to the serpent’s den.


     The sea became cold and dark.  Heather

was a little afraid and wished Brittany,

Travis, and Carli were there to help.


     From a distance, they could see Electra’s

den.  It was in a sunken pirate ship.  Guarding

the entrance were two huge sharks with big

teeth as sharp as knives.  The king was

trapped with his hands chained tightly by

his sides.


     Heather explained the rescue plan to

the sea animals and gave the go-ahead



     The animals began swimming in circles

like a swarm of wild bees around the

serpent and the sharks!  Heather quickly

entered the den through a porthole and

unlocked the king’s chains.  The

mermaid’s daddy was free!


     The sea animals cheered, “Hooray!

Hooray! The king is saved!”  The

overjoyed mermaid gave her daddy

a great big hug. 


     She said, “Oh, Daddy, I’m so happy we

are together again.  You could not have

been saved without help from Heather

We must find a way to thank her.”


     The king decided to hold a grand

celebration at the palace in honor of

Heather.  Animals from all over the

ocean were invited.  Heather Nicole

Peterson was crowned an honorary

member of the royal sea family. 

Everyone danced and played merry



     “Brittany, Travis, and Carli sure would

be proud of me,” thought  Heather.


     The beautiful little mermaid presented

Heather with many brightly colored sea

flowers and seashells. 


     “Won’t you please stay with us

forever?” pleaded the little mermaid.


     Heather replied, “I must return to my

home in Seattle, Washington.  But I

promise to return to the sea kingdom to



     Heather thanked the king and the little

mermaid for the beautiful party and the

wonderful gifts.  The dolphins, Splish and

Splash, gave her a ride to the seashore.


     Heather was happy to be home and

could not wait to tell Brittany, Travis,

and Carli about her wonderful adventure

with the little mermaid.


Heather Nicole Peterson

Enjoy this book!


A Special Gift from

ABC Daycare



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