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Visit our favorite Link Partners page, where small businesses ban together in support of each other.

Copy and paste the code below, then place it on your links page.  Send an email showing us where our link is placed on your website.  Once we verify that our link is up on your website and not an offsite link directory and determine your site is compatible with ours, we will place your link on our site...via our link partners page.

Copy and Paste:  <A HREF="" target="_blank">A Personal Touch</a> Kids LOVE to read when the story is about them, along with friends, hometown, message from giver, more! Hard covers, colorful pages. Read each story in its entirety in "The Reading Room".  Sign up for free monthly drawing!  FAST SHIP, lowest prices...guaranteed!  (also available in Spanish)

We do not link to FFA pages, link farms, link directories, competition, or offensive sites. 

We are sorry but we do not do offer banner swaps.  As pretty as they are, they do nothing for either of us, in the way of search engine rankings or click-throughs of potential clients, and they take longer for the pages to upload, which is frustrating for many customers.  We know some sites prefer placing banners on their sites, so we do offer one for those people.  Thank you!



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