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Personalized Children’s Books Fundraiser Program

No Investment Necessary - - - Raise Money Quickly!

Need new playground equipment or educational toys for the children?

Personalized Children’s Books by "A Personal Touch" can help your group raise its much-needed funds by offering the opportunity to run a personable, fun, and unique fund raising event!

Mom reads to childWhy not sell a product that will be an enjoyable keepsake? Something that lasts longer than candy and isn't a product that ends up in the back of someone's closet.  A personalized book can last a lifetime.

Daycares, churches, schools, the PTA, youth groups, and other organizations have been very successful selling personalized children’s books. This is definitely a product to be cherished and loved all year long.

These personalized books are a great fundraiser tools and easy to sell!

Parents, grandparents, relatives, babysitters, neighbors, and friends will enjoy buying these unique books because they encourage the joy of reading, are inspirational, and are reasonably priced.

Each book can be personalized with the child’s name, hometown, and up to 3 friends or relatives (or pets!); all woven into the story. Each book can also be dedicated, via our dedication page, for a special message from the giver!

These personalized books make a special gift for any and every occasion!

"A Personal Touch" only uses the best companies for their products, such as "Best Personalized Books," which offer deluxe, washable, hard-covered, and professionally illustrated personalized books.

How does the fundraiser work?

You earn funds by simply selling our personalized books, via a simple order form.  What can be simpler?

I will send brochures and order forms for all available books.  Each order form will have your organization’s name printed on the forms and can be custom made for your organization as far as which books you wish to sell (and prices!).  For instance, if you are a religious organization and only wish to sell the religious personalized books, your order forms can just include those books!

You take orders for a set period of time -- which you decide.

When orders and payments are received, you simply send the completed order forms and payment for the books to me, keeping your profit!  The books will be quickly processed and delivered.  Your completed book order will be delivered back to you to distribute to your delighted customers within 14 days from the time I receive the completed orders and funds.  Shipping is FREE for fundraisers!

What does my organization make for our efforts?

Your organization, whether profit or non-profit, will normally make $4.00 or more per book!  Again, YOU may determine your own profit by setting your own prices if you wish.

What is your contact information?

You can contact me via my contact page.  Let me know if you want to meet via phone, or in person, to discuss your fund-raiser opportunities.  At that time, we can discuss the option of sending you a free sample book!



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