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What could I use these personalized books for?
You can create your own reason for sharing these wonderful, personalized books or you can use one of ours...

    • Holidays
    • Birthdays
    • Baptisms
    • Adoption
    • from Babysitter
    • Encourage reading
    • First day of school (School Is Fun)
    • Kindergarten graduation
    • Good-bye
    • Welcome
    • Christmas
    • St. Nick's Day
    • Easter
    • Halloween
    • Parties
    • Educational
    • Teaching aids
    • Fun learning tools
    • Schools Libraries
    • Real Estate House Closing Gifts


                              TChildren reading a bookHE READING ROOM 

where you can read the entire storyline of each book before purchasing!






Your personalized book prices are so much cheaper than others, how can you afford to do this?
Being a parent and now a grandparent, I can totally understand what it means to have a tight budget and I want as many children as possible to have their very own storybook about them!  It is so delightful to see the expression on a child's face when he not only hears his name being read from his own personalized children's book, but when he realizes that the personalized book being read is truly all about him!  I keep my prices as low as possible by using "word-of-mouth" referrals as much as possible instead of expensive advertising.  YOU CAN HELP keep prices low by referring this website to your friends, relatives and neighbors that may be interested in extra special gifts for the children in their lives. 

How do I order?
Go to the shopping area and pick the book you want to order.  Click on the BUY NOW button under the book of your choice.  This will take you to the personalization form for that book and add it to your shopping cart. 
Child’s First Name
Middle Name (optional)
Last Name
Nickname (optional)
Boy or Girl
Age (optional)
Hometown, State
Up to 3 friends or relatives
Book is from:
Dedication lines: (Example: To a special nephew, from Aunt Beth, with lots of love!)

Repeat this procedure for every personalized item you want to order.  Once you key in the personalized information page and submit that, that information gets e-mailed to me.  Therefore, if you have any problems on the payment page or want to double-check what you entered, please feel free to contact me and you won't have to key the information in all over again.

Once you are finished selecting your books, you will be taken to the shopping cart and given directions on how to pay for your order. 

If you have ANY problems with placing your order, don't panic.....just e-mail describing the problem, and I will take care of it on-line or will give you a call.  While shopping with A Personal Touch, rest assured that your satisfaction is always guaranteed. 

Can books be shipped internationally?
Sorry.  Due to restrictions in the license, I am not able to sell outside of the United States.  There are Best Personalized book dealers in each country

Is ordering secure?
YES!  You can use your credit card or e-check through PAYPAL, which is a secure payment option that processes your credit card or e-check order on-line.  PAYPAL keeps your financial information private.  It enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with sellers.  Not only does PAYPAL keep your financial information private, they also guarantee 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.    

Can I send my personalized book order by mail?
Yes, if you would like to send your order by mail, just stop by our contact page for the mailing address.  You may also e-mail me for a free brochure at

What happens to the information I give A Personal Touch?
This information is NOT given  to ANYONE for any reason.  As mentioned above, A Personal Touch never receives your bank or credit card information.  As far as your address and phone number, A Personal Touch NEVER gives or sells mailing lists to ANYONE.    .  

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Orders shipped to an address within Wisconsin are subject to the appropriate sales tax.

How are these books bound?  Are the safe for children?
Yes, these books are completely safe and very secure.  In fact, Best books were submitted to an independent testing lab and have met all federal safety standards for children of all ages.  The competition offers an alternative binding method that uses a sharp metal rod and a hot glue gun to assemble books.  With that method, a child can pull the metal rod out of the book and literally have a weapon.  We use heavy-duty staples that are entirely concealed and are absolutely no threat or danger.  This method of binding is a totally safe, simple and secure way to assemble books.

Why don't you sell personalized coloring books or sticker books?
Best's market research indicates a variety of problems with these types of books. The biggest problem is that they just don't sell that well when offered next to a real, hard-cover, personalized children's book.  Sticker and coloring books tend to be used and then thrown away, unlike genuine personalized books that become treasured keepsakes.

How long does it take to receive my personalized children's book(s)?
Orders are processed within 48 hours (usually shipped the next day) from receipt.  You will be asked your choice of shipping methods during the ordering process.  Media Mail is delivered in approximately 3-7 days from date of shipment (can be longer during holiday seasons). 
Media Mail Shipping is FREE for orders of $50 or more.  Priority Mail should arrive in 2-3 days from date of shipping.   If you need overnight delivery, please contact me by phone or e-mail to make arrangements. 

Will you let me know that you received my order and my payment?
YES, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.   You will also receive an e-mail when your order is shipped.

There is an error in the personalization of my book(s), what happens now?
If the error in your book is due to my mistake, I will gladly replace the book free of charge.
If the error is your mistake, I will replace the book at 1/2 price plus shipping costs.  To prevent errors, please double check your order forms before submitting them. If you have any questions regarding your order once you place it, please feel free to e-mail or call.

Anything we left unanswered?
Feel free to send an e-mail with your question and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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