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Children's Theme Birthday Parties
A Personal Touch

Copyright: 2004


  What could be more special than a fantastic birthday party for your child to cherish in his memory forever?

Choose a theme and plenty of activities, that's what the experts say about planning a child's birthday party.  Here are several great ideas and inspirations appropriate for toddlers and young children.

Character Party.
Who is your child’s favorite super-hero?  Batman
, Superman/Wonderwoman, Scooby Doo, Spiderman

Or, who is your child’s favorite storybook characters?  Ninja Turtles, Little Mermaid, Sesame Street, Mother Goose, X-men, Looney Tunes?

Another idea….what are your child’s favorite things to do or pretend?  Ballerina Princess, Sports, Circus Star, Dinosaurs?

Celebrate your child's interests when you throw a character-themed party.   Devise a party that's head-to-toe Spiderman, or if you don't want to focus on the "celebrity" characters themselves, celebrate the things the character does.   Does your daughter love to dance or love to dress up like a princess?  Have the partygoers come dressed up like princesses or ballet dancers.  A little music, a cake decorated to fit the theme, and then, to top it off, her very own storybook made just for her – Ballerina Princess© Best—with her as the main character and her friends playing supportive roles in the book.  In the special dedication lines from the giver, include the birthday and year, and she’ll have a cherished gift that will remind her of this special day in her life forever. 

Does your son love football?  Why not take a few of his friends to a game? Or, if you're going to have a home party, organize a backyard game (with no windows nearby). Then serve hotdogs for perfect ball park food, decorate in the colors of his favorite team, and send everyone home with their own pack of football cards.  The perfect keepsake gift for the birthday boy?  Football Star!© Best  A personalized book where he is the star of the story, and this book even includes his favorite football team (whether it be professional or his very own school team!), his choice of losing team (his favorite rival!), and a favorite player!  The story makes him the star of the game, as he gets to sit next to his favorite player and gets called on to save the game! His birthday party friends are also included in the storyline.   In the dedication line, you can wish him Happy Birthday and add the date and again, a PERFECT gift he’ll cherish and love to read over and over again!

Another great idea is to take the birthday child and friends to the circus!  And, the book “Circus Party© Best” (which also comes in a birthday version) is personalized so the birthday child ends up being the star of the show by rescuing a baby chimpanzee!  The names of his/her friends are also added to the storyline, a perfect keepsake for the birthday child!

Children are special and they need and love to FEEL special.   A birthday organized around his/her favorite theme will never be forgotten.  And the very special personalized book is sure to be a favorite of your child’s, as he/she reads it and it brings back memories of that special day!

A Personal Touch has books suited for any occasion with plenty of popular titles!  You are sure to find one that will be treasured by your child for years to come! 

Order a personalized children's book for YOUR special child today!

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