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Story Play Days
Rainy Days Become Fun-filled Play Days!

Turning Children's Character Books into Theatrical Play Days.

By Alyice Edrich
Copyright 2003

  Our personalized books are so special you can invite your children’s friends over and really have a great time! With a little preparation, you can turn any day (including rainy days) into a day of theatrical performances.

Every book we sell allows you to introduce one to three children in each story. So get your thinking cap on and pick three children in your neighborhood who have costumes that represent the character in the book of your choice.

Buy one book for each child, making your child the main character and the children a character in the book. Then have four books created identically.

When the book arrives, invite the children over for a day of fun, acting, and reading. On your invitations, ask each child to come dressed as a specific character from the book. (It would be a good idea to call the parents and explain the purpose of this costumes and the importance of the child’s attendance to the story.)

Fill your house with a few snacks, set your video recorder on a tripod, and have the children sit in a circle, in the middle of the floor.  Start the event by diving right into reading the story or better yet, read the story while the children create a few props for the play.

If the children are old enough to read, have each child play “Round Robin” with the reading. In other words, have each child take a turn reading a few sentences in the story, while using voice expressions. (If the children are too young to read, you can simply read the story to them.)

Once the children have finished reading the book, ask the children if they remember what their character did in the story, then have the children stand in position and re-enact the story.

When the play is over, let the kids munch on a few snacks and continue to play while you make a copy of the video for each child to take home.

Alyice Edrich is the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours without joining an MLM or home party business. She is also the editor of The Dabbling– an online magazine for BUSY parents (



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