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The Benefits of Personalized Children's Books

A Personal Touch

Copyright: 2003


  A personalized children's book is not just a unique gift that is sure to be a treasured keepsake for years to come, but it is also a gift that encourages the joy of reading. 

It has become a tradition for many families to read a bedtime story to their children.  This not only settles the child down after an active day, but also creates a cherished bonding time for both the parent and child. 

Children love stories to be about them and oftentimes let their imagination take them away to the story's location.  With personalized children's books from A Personal Touch, the child reading the story IS the star of his/her own book!  Their book also includes several friends and family members, as well as their hometown.

Personalized children's books from A Personal Touch are beautifully illustrated stories with bright colored pages and well-written storylines.  Imagine a child's delight in which they are the hero in a book along with their favorite characters!   A Personal Touch has a wide selection of books in many categories, including all-time classic favorites, animals, religious themes, holiday books, children's heroes and more.  There is sure to be one just right for your child!     

Too often in today's fast-paced world, reading gets pushed back as electronic toys take over.   Giving a child his/her very own book from A Personal Touch can help bring back the joy of reading.  The books have confidence-boosting stories, as the child gets to read about him/herself doing something positive or heroic.    
Personalized books from A Personal Touch also make valued keepsakes.  Many times, a young parent will still have their personalized book that was given to them years ago as a child. It is cherished as something special because it is "their" book that was given to them by a special person in their lives.  That special person is always remembered because there are personalized dedication lines from the giver on the title page of the book.  Parents enjoy sharing their books with their own children and then present them with THEIR very own story! 

What a better way to remember a grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, friend, babysitter, or any other special person in the child's life than a fully personalized book dedicated to the child!

Order a personalized children's book for YOUR special child today!

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